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About Us

Our mission at Muench Orthodontics is simple: To Serve Others.

Each and every time you visit our office, we want you to agree, hands down, it was the best experience you EVER had at ANY medical or dental office. Period. Concerned about cost? In addition to accepting ALL insurances, get low down payments, low monthly payments, and 0% financing.  Need flexible scheduling?  We guarantee you'll never need to miss time from work or school.  Worried about pain?  Cutting-edge technology like Damon Braces and Insignia assure nearly pain-free treatment: no headgear, no palate expanders; no painful extractions.  Worried about risk?  Get our written Lifetime Guarantee: never pay for braces twice. Safety?  Our sterilization procedures bring a whole new level of protection to our patients.  We deliver the highest standard of sterilization in dentistry.  UNPARALLELED SERVICE....SIMPLY SPECTACULAR SMILES.

Rep/Contact Info

David Muench
Founder and CEO