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EV Charging Stations

Offer Valid: 12/01/2022 - 12/31/2025
Driving Our Customers Into The Future
NYS businesses and multi-family/multi-unit dwellings can expect to see more than a half-million new EV's on the road by 2025 and about triple that by 2030. The average consumer can now afford to go EV or hybrid with the anticipated release of over a dozen new models specifically designed for main stream adoption. Whether folks are in the market for a 6 figure show-stopper or a family friendly $30k SUV in the upcoming year, everyone is going to need places to charge.

ChargeSmart EV is here to help!

From now until the utility incentives expire in 2025 we're offering all chamber members free site assessments/proposals as well as an exclusive discount of the networking costs these units require. But wait, there's more! (couldn't help it sorry.)

Even better than a snazzy deal on what we do, I'm personally offering no obligation conversations about EV in general. While I'd love to help get you EV ready, much of that process begins with understanding why, all of a sudden, your business is put in a position of maintaining your guests/employees/tenants vehicles. That certainly wasn't the plan for the vast majority of you when you dreamed up your business model. I'm happy to chat about it, even if that means you want nothing to do with it. 

~Mike Treiman


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