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We are shaping the future of packaging to ensure a better planet for everyone. You can be a part of it. That means opportunities for people to grow and develop.

With more than 60 locations, and approximately 7,500 employees, we are proud to use our experience and expertise to offer customers around the world industry-leading, innovative and sustainable packaging solutions.

A wide range of sustainable, reliable, and customizable products - Trivium provides industry-leading expertise in producing and supplying metal packaging for a variety of applications and industries. Our range includes two- and three- piece cans, aerosols, threaded bottles , and more. If you need sustainable metal packaging, we can make it happen.

Infinitely recyclable, highly reliable, decidedly sustainable - Metal recycles forever without any loss of quality. It also enjoys high recycling rates around the world. That means metal stays in the loop, enabling a circular economy.

Global Presence. High ambitions. Join us in shaping the future of packaging and your own career.