About Us

Mission Statement
To Enhance the lives of individuals and families, to add support into the community in which underserved neighbors live, work, and play by providing partnerships with community stakeholders.

The Astor D. Rice Foundation embodies the spirit of its namesake, a pillar of his community, in the most understated ways. Astor Rice gave more than he had to make sure the people in his community were cared for. The Astor D. Rice Foundation, created by his son King Rice strives to service his same Binghamton Community where Astor raised his family of five. The foundation will epitomize the life of Astor by promoting citizenship, character, competency, and civility.

The Astor D. Rice Foundation will be embedded within the community to develop relationships, monitor progress, offer support through trained staff, and partner with like-minded organizations as we strive to reinforce our constituency with tools that are urgently needed.