Town Comptroller

Posted: 03/14/2021

Distinguishing Features of the Class:
The head of the Department of Audit and Control shall be known as the “Comptroller” and shall be charged with the responsibility of administrative control and coordination of the Department
The office of the Town Comptroller was established by resolution 12-16-1970 in accordance with the authority set forth in Town Law §20, Subdivision 3(b).
This position involved responsibility for directing and maintaining the financial records of the Town in the manner prescribed by the New York State Department of Audit and Control as well as insuring that these record keeping activities are carried out in accordance with all applicable laws and regulations governing local governments. The comptroller shall have the power assign any of the employees within the Department of Audit and Control to any function requiring services appropriate to the classification of the employee so assigned, to administer rules and regulations necessary or expedient for the proper conduct of the Department of Audit and Control, to recommend to any Town department or agency proper methods of public accounting practices which are deemed proper by the State Department of Audit and Control, and such other powers and duties imposed on him by law and/or as may be delegated to him from time to time by resolution of the Town Board of the Town of Union.
Does related work as required.
Typical Work Activities:
Maintains and audits all financial records and accounts of all departments of the Town with duties relating to funds of the county;
Audits and certifies for payment all lawful claims or charges against the Town or against funds for which the Town is responsible, this includes developing and maintaining a record keeping system showing all appropriations, funds and expenditures, together with the name of the claimant and amounts; a separate account of each Town department and special fund must be maintained;
Keeps a record of all bonded indebtedness and other loans;
Prepares department capital requests for the Board, prepares information required for the official statement, due diligence, and all required information for the sale of bonds and notes; with coordination with fiscal advisors and bond council;
Subject to the provisions of Civil Service Law, certifies the correctness of payrolls for the payment of salaries of officers and employees paid from Town funds, oversee the county and state requirements of payroll and personnel for civil service hiring, and reporting as appointing official, oversee the required annual employee trainings are completed;
Prescribes methods for maintaining financial records consistent and with GAAP, GASB, and the New York State Comptroller;
Certifies the availability of funds for all contracts, purchase orders and other financial obligations incurred by the Town;
Provides for a system of encumbrances and maintains records;
Prepares budget information for departments, payroll projection, and completes budget reconciliation for the development of information and data for the Board during the budgetary process, reconciles tax option form, submits final tax rates, charges and taxes to re-levy to county;
Maintains PILOT schedules and bills payments due annually;
Reconciles Town tax warrant and issues tax/contractual payments to other agencies;
Upon request, advises the Board on fiscal matters;
Completes monthly accounting of LDC financial transactions, amortization schedules. Prepares of annual trial balance and supporting schedules for audit. Prepares and issues required annual 1099 forms to borrowers;
Completes monthly accounting of Section 8 Housing Voucher for VMS submission. Prepares annual REAC Financial Report for submission and audit;
Completes monthly reconciliation of CDBG IDIS system to Town’s financial system;
Completes monthly reconciliations of capital and reserve funds;
Prepares monthly calculation of collateral needed as per the Office of the State Comptroller’s Financial Management Guide, section Cash Management and Investments Subsection 2.1050;
Submits monthly the Comptroller report to the Board in a timely fashion as required by Town code;
Maintains the fixed asset system entering additions and deletions, notifying insurance carriers of changes, reconciling insurance schedules to Town records, completing year end process of depreciation and fund reconciliation;
Prepares budget transfers and modifications for Board approval;
Prepares and enters journal entries and purchase orders as necessary;
Completes quarterly and annual billings, federally required quarterly cash transaction reports, quarterly NYS sales tax returns;
Calculates annual Comptroller and audit costs to federal programs;
Directs, coordinates and schedules all audits in accordance with generally accepted government auditing standards;
Prepares and files timely the NYS Annual Update Document (AUD);
Prepares financial statements, notes to financial statements, management’s discussion and analysis for audit, and supporting schedules necessary for audit;
Maintains accounting and necessary records of the Deferred Compensation Plan for Employees of the Town of Union (457-b), prepares financial statements and required schedules for audit;
Issues assessment information to fire districts/companies upon final tax roll, prepares annual fire contracts from final budget;
IT contact for daily tickets/issues with ICS and Town employees, review network performance, security, issues, concerns and needs with ICS and 1nteger;
Request additions and removal of users and email subscriptions, authorize system overrides as deemed necessary, maintain the annual and ongoing IT training system Knowbe4;
Review and maintain required plans, policies and procedures per the NYS Office of Information Technology Services;
Maintain the annual IT equipment replacement schedule, review, quote, order, and schedule equipment;
Maintain and update the Town of Union 5-Year Technology Plan;
Prepares annual IT cost allocation for inclusion in the budget process.

Full Performance Knowledge, Skills, Abilities, and Personal Characteristics:
Thorough knowledge of the principles and practices of current public fiscal administration, including internal auditing, accounting and fiscal management
Thorough knowledge of the principles, practices and terminology of general and governmental accounting
Thorough knowledge of financial administration including budgeting and reporting
Above average verbal and written communicative skills
Working knowledge of State finance laws
Working knowledge of bond markets
Ability to prepare and present complex oral and written reports clearly and concisely
Ability to plan and direct the work of others
Ability to operate a computer terminal
Ability to perform close, detail work involving considerable visual effort and strain
Good judgment and physical condition commensurate with the demands of the position
Minimum Qualifications:
A) Graduation from a New York State registered or regionally accredited college or university with a Bachelor Degree in accounting, business administration, or closely related field and four (4) years accounting, or auditing experience; OR
B) Graduation from a New York State registered or regionally accredited college or university with an Associate Degree in accounting and six (6) years accounting, or auditing experience; OR
C) Graduation from high school and eight (8) years of accounting or auditing experience; OR
D) Any equivalent combination of training and experience as defined by the limits of A), B) and C) above.

Accounting – is the art of recording, classifying, verifying and reporting financial data and presenting an analysis or interpretation of their significance. Its function is to provide quantitative information, primarily financial in nature, about economic entities that is intended to be useful in making economic decisions and in making reasoned choices among alternate courses of action. It includes the preparation of financial statements and schedules.

Auditing – is the art of confirming financial statements for the purpose of expressing an opinion that these statements fairly represent the financial condition of the enterprise and its operating results, and further that these statements are presented to conform with generally accepted accounting standards in a consistent manner. Auditing is the art of documenting the veracity of financial data; it includes a critical review of internal controls, a systemic examination and verification of financial records and documents, and an appraisal of fiscal procedures and operations
Minimum Starting Salary - $70,000 / negotiable based on experience

Potential Starting Date – May 17, 2021