Discount Programs

The Chamber can help you impact your bottom line with our cost-savings/discount programs.

M2M Discount Program

You and your employees can receive discounts from other Chamber member businesses and organizations via our M2M Discount Program.

Does your business want to offer a discount? Contact Colleen at the Chamber at (607) 296-2113 or

IntellicardUSA Digital Business Card

Offer Valid: 03/01/2022 - 03/31/2024
helping people connect easier, faster and better while allowing them to work smarter not harder. IntellicardUSA is making the world greener 1 card at a time. Go Green... Go Digital
"with this digital business card provided by IntellicardUSA, you'll never get caught without your business card again because it will be on your smartphone! IntellicardUSA offers a convenient solution to a common problem - misplaced or lost business cards..."
To obtain your card, just click Intellicard Card Build Form
To find out more about Intellicard, click IntellicardUSA  

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