Discount Programs

The Chamber can help you impact your bottom line with our cost-savings/discount programs.

M2M Discount Program

You and your employees can receive discounts from other Chamber member businesses and organizations via our M2M Discount Program.

Does your business want to offer a discount? Contact Colleen at the Chamber at (607) 296-2113 or

Member To Member Deals

EV Charging Stations

Free assessments/proposals to find out how your business (commercial & multi-unit dwelling) can prepare for the EV revolution.

Driving Our Customers Into The Future

Tips To Optimize Team Communication and Collaboration

It is no secret that company-wide communication and collaboration are paramount to any organization's success. Employees from all departments must work together to accomplish common goals, and in many cases, it falls on upper management to ensure this happens smoothly. Check out these simple strategies for optimizing team communication and collaboration.