Maintenance Worker

HCA (Helping Celebrate Abilities)
Job Description
Position Overview:
Performs routine and extensive preventative maintenance and repair procedures on agency buildings, mechanical equipment and utility systems.

Essential Duties and Responsibilities:
• Ensure the cleanliness, orderliness, appearance and sanitation of agency buildings, grounds, roads, walks and equipment through preventive maintenance and minor repairs on a scheduled basis.
• Completes daily, weekly and monthly checklists on building equipment maintenance procedures and maintains records of scheduled maintenance procedures.
• Makes routine electrical repairs including but not limited to replacing exhaust fans, lighting fixtures, electrical outlets, appliances, light switches, ballasts and inspects electrical systems for unsafe conditions. Also, maintains and regularly tests working condition of safety equipment including fire alarm systems and emergency lighting.
• Maintain and repair plumbing fixtures including sinks, toilets, faucets, dispensers, fountains and pipes.
• Paint and repair roofs, windows, doors, floors, woodwork, plaster, drywall, and other parts of building structures.
• Operate and maintain a variety of mechanical tools and equipment such as power saws, power sanders, drills, air compressors, paint sprayers, sewer augers, and various hand tools required for carpentry, plumbing, and maintenance skills.
• Move furniture and equipment; assemble furniture and equipment for the purpose of providing items in working condition.
• Installs various items (e.g. backboards, office equipment, railings, fences, etc.) for the purpose of completing projects safely and within established time frames.
• Build necessary items (e.g. counters, temporary partitions, etc.) for the purpose of modifying and/or adapting facilities to specific needs.
• Coordinate with administration and other vendors for the purpose of completing projects/work orders efficiently.
• Estimate and requisition for materials and supplies for required maintenance.
• Responds to emergency maintenance requests for the purpose of resolving immediate safety concerns.
• Performs outside custodial duties including but not limited to grass trimming and snow removal as required.
• Routinely inspects facilities to identify building maintenance needs.
• On-call as needed for emergencies.
• Other duties as assigned.
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