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Jason Aurelio

Topic: Premise Security & Life Safety for Businesses & Non-Profit Organizations

Area of Expertise: Security & Fire Alarm Systems, Access Control, Camera Systems and Intercom Systems
John Hussar

Topic: Leveraging a Multimedia Approach to Your Marketing

Area of Expertise: Multimedia Production - Agency Owner
Robert Mack
Topic: Occupational Medicine, Workers Compensation Management, Occupational services, and Employee Assistance Programs.

Area of Expertise: Registered Nurse, Certified Financial Planner, Business Entrepreneur, Elected Official (Town of Union Councilman)
Kevin Webb

Topic: Overcoming the Sitting Disease

Area of Expertise: Health and Fitness
Rachel Jenks
Topic: Top Ten Keys to Unlock the Power of Your Brand; How to Avoid Death(!)...by Powerpoint; and WHY...does it matter? (based on Simon Sinek's "Start With Why"), Networking

Area of Expertise: 20 years public communications, 11+ years professional graphic designer, former Marketing Director, now Founder of Rtistry By Design.
Dawn Lanouette
Topic: Partner at Hinman, Howard and Kattell, LLP in labor and employment, cyber security and health care law.

Area of Expertise: Federal and state labor and employment law topics, marijuana in the workplace, Opioids in the workplace, paid family leave, FMLA, ADA, harassment and discrimination.

Amira Davis
Topic: Discussing Senior Living Options with Family

Area of Expertise: Elder Care, Alzheimer's and Dementia, Sales
Ashley Layton
Topic: SERVPRO Emergency Ready Profile; Water Damage; Fire, Smoke & Soot Damage; Mold Mititgation & Remediation; General Overview of SERVPRO Services

Area of Expertise: Emergency Response Planning, Fire & Water-Cleanup and Restoration, Benefits of Timely Response & Mitigation
Michael Ford
Topic: Purpleocity - Creating Sustainable Competitive Advantage

Area of Expertise: Strategic Planning, Operations Management, Supply Chain Excellence, Employee Performance
Aaron Lambert
Topic: Eating for Better Health, How Nutrition Impacts Diabetes, Good Health Begins in the Gut, Taking Control of Unresolved Health Issues, Better Health in the Workplace, Clean Eating, almost any topic on the link between health and nutrition.

Area of Expertise: Nutrition Education, Applied Clinical Nutrition, Whole Food Supplements, Alternative Wellness, Nutrition Response Testing
Carol Schneider LMT, MMP

Topic: How massage impacts quality of life, pain management, support for cancer, trauma & addiction challenges, boosts clarity & focus, reduces stress, relieves tension headaches and improves sleep.

Area of Expertise: Certified Medical Massage Practitioner, Licensed Massage Therapist(NY & PA), Non VA Care Practitioner, and Reiki Master utilizing neuromuscular and craniosacral techniques including myofascial unwinding, trigger point therapy, integrated positional release techniques and cupping to provide massage therapy to help you to relax...unwind...and energize.

JoAnne Baker
Topic: How to Read Nutrition Labels, Nutritionally Wise Shopping Tours, Overcoming Overwhelm - gracefully embrace your lifestyle change.

Area of Expertise: Life transition coach and wayfinder focused on nutrition education, self-awareness, resilience and persistence. Unsticking the stuck and guiding those who truly want to change gracefully through the process.
Katrina Kapustay
Topic: Basics of Alzheimer's and dementia, ten warning signs, healthy living tips, effective communication strategies, legal and financial planning, and dementia-related behavior. Please call for additional topics.

Area of Expertise: Alzheimer's disease and other dementias, local community resources, support services for caregivers
Amanda VanFossen
Topic: When to get a baseline hearing screening, what to do if you struggle with your hearing or a loved one is, protecting your hearing and how to improve your hearing with hearing devices. 

Area of Expertise: Hearing Exams and consultations, fittings and repairs of hearing aids, custom ear molds, cerumen management and home visits for those that can't get into the office. 
Stephen Snitchler

Topic: Working with a personal broker to help you identify and manage your Medicare Health options; Who is a leader, how can you identify them, how can you improve your own leadership skills

Area of Expertise: Choosing an appropriate Medicare Health Plan; Individual, Team and Executive Coaching using the John Maxwell Leadership Method

Leslie English
Topic: Building future leaders, Communicating messages with positive impact, Why invest in an executive coach? Business strategy that impacts customer satisfaction, How executives manager and balance stressful positions, The importance of successfully communicating the company vision and strategic plan, Managers are not born- they are developed.

Area of Expertise: Leslie has personally trained and coached Company Presidents, Executive VP’s and VP’s in effective business and communication strategies, sales, media and in-person presentations as well as engagement, emotional intelligence, change/crisis management and leadership skills. She has served on various Boards within CNY as well as being invited as a keynote presenter for various organizations.
Jesan Sorrells
Topic: Conflict Management at Work; Self-Awareness in Modern Employees; Business Storytelling for the 21st Century

Area of Expertise: Jesan Sorrells is THE premiere keynote speaker, author, blogger, consultant, and B2B facilitator in Upstate NY! Jesan Sorrells is the CEO and Founder of Human Services Consulting and Training, a division of Jesan Sorrells, LLC, based out of Endicott, NY. HSCT is a full stack, boutique, corporate training and consulting agency that works to help make their clients communicate beautifully! Jesan Sorrells is the author of Marketing For Peace Builders: How to Market Your Value to a World in Conflict.
Diana Wolgemuth

Topic: Employee Engagement, Emotional Intelligence, Building Rapport and connecting with others, Fundamentals of presentation skills, Facilitating Effective Meetings

Area of Expertise: Diana has delivered programs for numerous local organizations throughout Central New York. She is Past President of the Board of Directors for the CNY Chapter of American Society of Training and Development. She currently serves as the Executive Chair for the Board of Directors at CNY Works, and is a member of CNY SHRM as well as CNY Sales & Marketing Executives. 


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